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Elearnity Vendor Pespectives

We provide our Summary Perspectives for free.  These one page  solution overviews provide you with a high level insight into Learning and Talent Solutions.

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If you really want a more detailed  understand the capability of specific Vendors and their  Learning or Talent solutions, our Deep Perspectives Reports are what you need.

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If you are a Vendor want to make sure we have the latest insights into your products and services for our Perspectives or our advisory work there are lots of ways to keep us informed.  

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9-Grid™: A Fresh Independent Market Perspective

‘ It’s so important to all the thousands of buyers based in the UK, EMEA  and internationally to have access to independent analysis that accurately reflects their market. Most of the other research models that exist are US-centric and therefore provide very little real value to organisations seeking to make the best decision about which learning and talent system to invest in.’

David Wilson, MD Elearnity

Elearnity's Latest Report

Independent Reports into Specific
Vendors and their Solutions

Download our “Free” Summary Perspectives or request a copy of our Deep Perspectives Reports .

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If you want to get a more detailed explanation of 9-Grid™, simply download the Introduction document from following link.


Introduction to 9-Grid™

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Access our Our Latest 9-Grid™ Models

Our latest 9-Grid Models for Talent Management, Learning Management Systems, Bespoke e-learning Development  and Authoring Tools are available to download.

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