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9-Grid™: A Fresh Independent Market Perspective

Elearnity 9-Grid

 “9-Grid™ was created because of the perceived lack of depth and flexibility provided by alternative market profiling approaches, typically provided by US-centric analysts.”   

David Wilson, Elearnity

What is 9-Grid™?

9-Grid™ is a five dimensional model that can be used to understand the relative position of solutions and providers in a particular learning and talent systems market.  It allows you to compare different solutions based on their Performance, Potential, Market Presence, Total Cost of Ownership and future trajectories across the market.  

It is unique, because it sees value in all of its zones.  It not only provides an understanding of the market, but also identifies the high level actions that can help you get the best from vendors within different zones.  

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If you want to get a more detailed explanation of 9-Grid™, simply download the Introduction document from following link.


Introduction to 9-Grid™

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One of the most important aspects of the model is that all positions have merit, just as they do with succession planning.

9-Grid™ is based on Elearnity’s independent research in the Learning and Talent market from over the past 17 years, and draws upon the insights and experience of our Corporate Research Network.  The Corporate Research Network is a group of learning and talent professionals, who between them represent over 150 of Europe’s leading companies.  These companies are typically global enterprise-scale organisations with their Head Offices in Europe (or the EMEA HQ of global companies).

The 9-Grid™ model uses a similar approach to the 9 box models used in Talent Management succession planning, so for HR professionals the model should have some real resonance. For EMEA organisations other models place too much emphasis on a US view of execution and innovation, without providing a practical reference point for those organisations that don’t need the most sophisticated solutions, or have to deal with the complexities of pan-European, or truly global deployments.