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Our Advisory Services

Elearnity have a successful track-record of providing impactful, independent guidance to Europe's leading corporate organisations.

Our clients range from Aviva through to Vodafone, and include BP, Boots, Lloyds Banking Group, O2 and many more. Most of our clients are FTSE 100 equivalent companies, so we are used to dealing with large complex organisations that have sophisticated needs.  Our focus is always on meeting the needs of our corporate clients, no matter what their size or global spread.  With all our advisory services we adopt a pragmatic approach, looking to tailor our offering to your needs and we provide you with the flexibility of working virtually or face to face.  We always apply our knowledge to you context.

How We Can Support You

Our key advisory and support work includes:

Our advice has helped our corporate clients to de-risk and accelerate key decision making across all aspect of learning and talent management. The scope of services we can offer  vary in scale and depth. Our work can range from providing feedback on a key document, to running a workshop on best practice blended learning design, to  managing an enterprise LMS procurement project. And almost everything in between.  

Robust, Expert, Independent Advice

We provide our clients with deep insight into the realities of managing and implementing learning technologies; the true market trends and how they can take advantage of all the best practice sourced from our independent research and the expertise of over 15 years in the learning technology space.  What there isn’t any bias or vested interest, just the opportunity to seek an independent view from someone who really understands the market.  All we are concerned with is helping you solve your business challenges and source successful solutions. Our aim is to work with you as a trusted partner supporting you every step of the way.

If you would like to take advantage of our advice and support please contact us.

Or explore our case studies to learn more about how we can help you.

Elearnity Advisory Services

Elearnity have a successful track-record of providing impactful, independent research to Europe's leading corporate organisations.

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Do you want a true perspective on what people are doing with Learning Strategy, Technology based Training, Talent Management and Learning Technologies?

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We support Europe’s leading companies with our learning and talent services.  These case studies will help you  understand how we make a difference for them.

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Case Studies

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