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Case Study Overview

These case study overviews will give you a sense of how we have accelerated and de-risk Europe’s leading companies through their learning and talent management strategy and solution decisions.

Elearnity Global Content Development Case Study

Creating a Truly Global Content Development Approach


Global Telecommunications company
based in the UK


This project focused around helping our client move from a externally driven e-learning content development process to one where there was more of a hybrid approach which used a balance of internal and external resources through out the development cycle.

Our advisory services ensured they selected the right solution to support their global content development needs and had  a robust strategy regarding its use.


Learning Content Strategy, Learning Content Management


  • Independent strategic review of content management strategy
  • Creation of best practice guidelines
  • Requirements analysis
  • Market review / research
  • Vendor Engagement
  • Accelerated short-listing  
  • Vendor selection process frameworks
  • Use Case Scenarios

Elearnity have a successful track-record of providing impactful, independent research to Europe's leading corporate organisations.

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We provide advisory services to some of Europe’s leading corporate organisations, across all sectors.  From Finance to Telecoms.

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