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Core Vendor Research

For us, the zero option for any vendor is our background core research. Elearnity will always conduct a basic level of background research on the vendor marketplace at no cost to the vendor community, as it has for the last 15 years.

This is our historic model for engaging with vendors and will be the basis of your “Perspectives Reports” and our private advice to corporates.

We will pick up news and press releases, and we will informally track vendor activities via our corporate clients. We will also contact selected vendors for input to specific research activities. You will be on our research radar.

The Enhanced Vendor Programme enables vendors to have a regular dialogue with Elearnity to strengthen our insights and share our perspectives.

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Elearnity’s private  custom research  and analyst input for the vendor community.  

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Core Vendor Research

Briefing Process/

  • Annual factual data capture
  • Annual phone interview
  • News submission and filtered inclusion on EKC
  • Ongoing customer feedback through Corporate Research Network
  • Ongoing tracking process


  • Factual data check
  • Access to Summary Perspective for internal use
  • Available to purchase at full commercial rates
  • Option to distribute your Summary and/or Deep Perspectives

Cost to Vendor:


Analyst Services

Available to purchase at full commercial rates Including:

  • Targeted Analyst Feedback
  • Custom research
  • White papers/Thought Leadership
  • Event/webinar speaking
  • Competitive Briefing
Elearnity Background Vendor Research Enhanced 
Vendor Programme

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