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Corporate Roundtables

How many times have you gone to a learning or e-learning conference seeking new insights only to be disappointed with the poor quality of the presentations, and sometimes of the presenters? Or if you see someone good, how much time to do you really get to talk to them privately and understand what they are actually doing?

Build understanding, build your peer-network

Whilst conferences and presentations have their place, we have found that one of the best approaches to developing deeper insight into corporate trends and experiences is through facilitated private roundtable discussions with a small group of 8-10 corporate experts.

Focused around key topics in corporate learning and e-learning, these sessions provide a behind-the-scenes perspective of participating organisations and help build your network of expert contacts.

Personally invited corporate experts

Roundtables typically run from 10am to 1pm, including a working lunch. Attendance at the roundtables is by personal invitation by Elearnity.

The Topics covered previously in roundtables include:

So what's in it for Elearnity?

It's simple really. These roundtable discussions provide an excellent source of input to our ongoing corporate research process. They also help us identify patterns of interest and experience for deeper research. We are also confident that the more you experience our expertise, network and understanding.  The more you will believe we can add value to your own thinking.

To learn more about our independent insights, why not  explore our research and reports?

Elearnity Corporate Roundtables

We provide advisory services to some of Europe’s leading corporate organisations, across all sectors.  From Finance to Telecoms.

Advisory Services

Elearnity have a successful track-record of providing impactful, independent research to Europe's leading corporate organisations.

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