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Our Vendor Services

Our Vendor Approach

Whilst understanding and influencing corporate thinking will always be our core focus, we believe we could better serve the UK/European market as a whole by also building stronger and more structured relationships with the vendor community as well. To support this we have created a structured research process specifically targeted at the vendor community, which aims to:

To that end, our vendor programme contains three core layers .


Our Enhanced Vendor Programme (EVP) plays an important role in our market profiling activities which we use  when we publish in the Elearnity 9-Grid.

Next Steps

If you would like to understand  our Vendor Services in more detail, please feel free to contact us to discuss your involvement in our vendor focused programmes.

The Enhanced  Vendor Programme enables vendors to have a regular dialogue with Elearnity to strengthen our insights and share our perspectives.

Vendor Programme 
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Elearnity’s  Core  Vendor Research is our  basic level of vendor research which is based  on informal briefings and ad-hoc market scanning.  

Vendor Research

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© Elearnity Limited, 1996-2015 - All Rights Reserved.

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Vendor Perspectives
Data  Sheet

A downloadable overview of our Perspectives reports for solution providers.    


Elearnity’s private  custom research and analyst input for the vendor community.  

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Advisory Services
Elearnity -  Core Vendor Research Elearnity - Enhanced Vendor Programme (EVP) Elearnity - Plus Analyst Services

The Elearnity 9-Grid™ is an independent market profile allows corporates to understand the comparative positioning of Learning and talent solutions.  

Elearnity  9-Grid™

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